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Case Study: Cutting Out ETL, J. Josephson

Cutting Out ETL

J. Josephson


J.Josephson is the largest commercial wallcovering manufacturer in North America, selling to over 50 countries world-wide. As a long time client, we have been working with J.Josephson over the years to keep their systems running ahead of the curve.

“Extract, Transform, Load”, or ETL is a combination of database functions that pull data out of one database and place it in another. In the 1970s this process was used frequently in data warehousing. However, it is extremely slow, outdated, and with the right tools, no longer necessary.


Access to real-time information is an invaluable asset to efficient, productive operations in any industry. Finely tuned drilldowns into key data at a moment’s notice can make all the difference.

J.Josephson found themselves hampered by their ETL system. They knew they had deep stores of rich enterprise data, but were lacking an efficient tool to capture and leverage that data effectively. By relying on an old, slow system that limited reporting to once per month, managers, planners and executives were working with reports in which the most current data could be up to a month old.

What J.Josephson needed was streamlined access to back-end data in real-time, and a process that would minimize touchpoints that could result in production inefficiencies.


We developed a sophisticated front-end dashboard that links J.Josephson’s managers with their production data in a meaningful way. This system retrieves detailed reports, with multi-level drilldown options, in seconds. The dashboard consolidates much deeper information than was previously available in a fraction of the time.

The front-end dashboard connects directly with the MultiValue database enabling optimal speed and accuracy. The GUI application organizes the information in customized multi-layered dashboards designed for J.Josephson’s specific needs.

The new Data Capture application, used by plant operators.

The new Data Capture application, used by plant operators.

The new Production Dashboard, used by plant managers.

The new Production Dashboard, used by plant managers.


  • Dashboard provides accurate, real time reporting on essential data from the MultiValue enterprise database
  • Multi-layered drilldown reports are easily accessible from the main dashboard allowing managers to view key information in context
  • More accurate and up to date production reports allows for better, more efficient, planning

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