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About Asynchron

For over 30 years Asynchron Systems has been on the leading edge of developing customized PICK/MultiValue software. We understand our clients' business needs and use this expertise to develop specialized applications that keep their systems running smoothly.

Our applications have traditionally been centered on accounting (General Ledger, Inventory Control, Order Entry, Accounts Receivable & Payable, Job Costing, etc.) however we have supplemented our core systems extensively with customized applications, including: warehouse management (wireless picking, loading & shipping), scanner-based data collection on the factory floor, sales kiosks, web portals, niche applications, and numerous management dashboards. A large portion of our end users now use graphical applications alongside or in lieu of green screen applications.

Today many of our long-time clients have been operating and continually updating their applications for in excess of 30 years. These systems are data rich repositories of business information which our clients wanted to access in new ways without changing the way they operate on the back-end. We work with our clients to maintain and enhance their back-end systems and to push the envelope on the development of new functionality.

We have a team of developers with diverse set of expertise. Approximately half of our developers work exclusively in the MultiValue environment, while our front-end developers work on web-based GUI applications and portals that connect to MV in real time. We are continuously investing in the MultiValue environment training our front-end developers in the MV world.

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