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Case Study: Integrating DocuSign with Multi-Value

Integrating New Technologies
with Legacy Systems

Sundial Homes


Sundial Homes is among the top home builders across Southern Ontario and the Greater Toronto Area. To uphold their commitment to quality and customer satisfaction, Sundial relies on their enterprise system having the most sophisticated and up to date functionality in the industry. This MultiValue technology enables Sundial to not only provide the best in customer satisfaction, but also enables efficient, seamless relationships with the trades and vendors involved in building communities.

Over the years, Asynchron Systems has worked closely with Sundial to build customized enterprise systems that keep them ahead of the curve. We utilize the latest technologies and integrations to benefit all touchpoints of the home building and sales process.

One of the latest updates to the system has been the DocuSign integration. This latest move factors into multiple touchpoints of the homebuilding and purchasing experience. With DocuSign integration countless crucial contracts, transactions and other key interactions with vendors and purchasers can be done digitally.


In early 2020 everything changed. COVID-19 was just beginning to dominate international consciousness and suddenly we were all at home. Sundial Homes was fortunate to find that their industry was booming, but suddenly needed to quickly pivot a business model reliant on in-person meetings to a system where business could operate “as usual” but remotely wherever possible.

Building homes requires the coordination of several different trades for each project working together to get the job done right, on time, and in the correct sequence. This also means mountains of paperwork before building can begin.

For each project, contracts for all vendors need to be reviewed and signed by multiple parties in a specific order. Rigorous attention to detail is essential to ensuring the contracts are correct and complete when they come back to Sundial. With dozens of contracts, each requiring anywhere from 4 to 6 signatures, this is no small matter.

When contracts were drawn up, individual meetings would be scheduled with each of the trades to review and sign in person. Not only was scheduling meetings and travel time cumbersome, but this process also left room for human error. Missed signatures, initials or other simple errors could cause delays.

Once COVID-19 hit, the traditional face-to-face processes were out the window. A digital solution for formerly in-person transactions was no longer a perk, but a necessity. This is where Asynchron Systems comes in. Sundial Homes hardly skipped a beat as Asynchron stepped in and fully integrated DocuSign into Sundial’s existing MultiValue application.


Asynchron Systems stepped in and within several weeks had Sundial’s customized enterprise systems up and running using DocuSign. Sundial was able to distribute, review, sign and return contracts digitally. With quick solutions focused thinking, Asynchron Systems enabled Sundial to continue leveraging their data-rich back-end systems while utilizing new technologies to meet the moment without skipping a beat.

How it Works

This integration autogenerates PDFs of the contracts from Sundial’s MultiValue application and makes them immediately available, securely via DocuSign, to the relevant parties to review and sign on any device. DocuSign leads recipients through the document and clearly flags where initials and signatures are required. The software automatically checks to make sure the document is complete before finalizing and returning as a PDF. The enterprise systems are continually electronically updated with the signing status of each contract; finalized contracts are viewable directly from the Multivalue application.

Some key features include:

  • Autogenerated PDF contracts from the MultiValue application
  • Completed contracts automatically logged in Sundial’s existing systems
  • Sophisticated contract tracking within the enterprise system

Going Forward

Integrating DocuSign into a legacy MultiValue back-end to create a seamless, efficient new process is just another example of how we work with our clients get the most out of their MultiValue enterprise application.

While we quickly brought DocuSign in to meet the moment as COVID-19 hit, going forward Sundial will continue using DocuSign as it creates a simplicity and efficiency with trade partners that all parties appreciate.

We continue to work with Sundial to get the most out of their MultiValue application and keep them on the cutting edge of technological solutions allowing them to be the best in their field.

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