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Case Study: The GUI-ization of Crown, Crown Wallpaper

The GUI-ization of Crown:
Adapting the Green Screen

Crown Wallpaper


Operating for over 75 years, Crown Wallpaper and Fabrics has grown from a family-owned retail store to a nation-wide enterprise offering over 100,000 products for residential and commercial vertical markets. Crown handles a vast amount of customer data each day.

Efficient, easy to use, tools to access and utilize this data is essential to providing customers best possible experience.


Crown has a sophisticated UniVerse-based back-end system that is a data rich repository of business information – but it was untapped potential. They needed to change the way they accessed the data without changing the way they operate on the back-end.

Accessing data through green screen terminals was tedious and inefficient, employees had to traverse multiple paths to access like-data. Additional challenges were faced when hiring and onboarding younger employees as the outdated terminal system tended to deter desirable candidates.

So how do we bridge an excellent back-end system with the demands of the current business environment?


To bridge the disconnect between the front-end access and plentiful data, we developed a customized graphical application that seamlessly integrates with the existing back-end. This GUI application created an optimized workflow environment that enhances the utility of the UniVerse system Crown already operates on. The user-friendly interface we developed provides intuitive access to the vast trove of customer data enabling Crown to focus on optimizing the customer experience.

A screenshot of Crown's new customer data display application.

Crown's new customer data display application.


Since implementing the new front-end system, Crown is reporting greater efficiency for employees and increased satisfaction from clients.

  • Upgrading the front-end of the system has breathed new life into existing business applications, extending the lifecycle of Crown’s MultiValue system
  • Better access to data allows Crown to better serve their customers
  • Easy to use applications allowed Crown to expand its talent pool and recruit, onboard and retain younger employees

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